"MENtorship" and "LeadHERship" Programs

The underlying message in our mentoring programs are “MENtorship” and “LeadHERship” which addresses challenges faced in everyday living by our young men and women, and how to utilize the word of God to sustain them.

The bible tells us in the Luke 16:8," … for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." Bannered Host Ministries want to be an instrument to bridge that gap!

The first of our programs will be titled “After God’s Own Heart” where we will work with youth ages 11-16, teaching spiritual warfare and its application in Godly living. The intent being to stay pure until marriage, providing the support and forum to discuss the difficult issues they face and how to conquer them.

We will address self-esteem issues and the importance of appearance; “dressing for success”. Additionally we will teach skills that will prepare them for college, job readiness, financial planning and the importance of giving back!

"GO" Programs:

Programs serviced by the ministry through seminars, workshops and other public forums that will include help to those in need, while encouraging and strengthening the participants to learn to give back to the community. They will understand the principles of Christ which are for this present age and the life to come.

After God's Own Heart Program:

After God’s Own Heart, is a program designed to mentor young men and women, ages 11-16, with a curriculum that includes a code of purity, financial planning, job readiness, college preparedness and martial arts/self-defense.

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Other Ministries:

  • Mike is a well learned minister in the word of God and is available for speaking engagements, weddings or funerals.
  • Debra is available for Dance Ministry or Flag Ministry workshops.

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